Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Looking at yourself in front of the Mirror

I believe that is done by every kid around the world, imagining what will be when they grow up, many dreams infiltrate the minds of a child.After looking mirror, next thing they will see surrounding or watch movie, that's where dreams becoming reality. Most parents are quiet difficult to comprehend their kids achievement. Instead they pushed with their own thoughts and masterpiece set of perfect future as if they will know the ending of this circle of life.Unfortunately all parents experiencing effort are wasting of time, and their kids not becoming a genuine personal only the mirroring their parents wishes.I see many cases in my friends choosing law school but end up working in a boutique gallery enriched with Arts and Culture, you must be thinking she had a decent job in a fancy Law Firm with big bugs, in fact she has done it, inevitably she'd quit and enjoyed herself working at boutique, though the payroll lesser.

Some parents just don't understand at all ,they pushed what they want instead of hearing what their children has in mind, for natural reasons we have 2 ears and one mouth, dominantly it has to be hearing is the most important thing if you want to succeed in learning new things, hearing your colleagues input, hearing your bos yelling at you, hearing to office gossips.The only people in this planet will ever onward to the best career in their field is the one who uses their ears.

Coming back to problems, now education like flourishing around world provides stigma, and ranks top 10 best schools, in a prestigious degree, pitching that if your kids graduate from A or B university most likely becoming having huge salaries.I think this will not educate anything, what they educate is not humans brain and attitude towards social economy problems worldwide worsening, insidiously putting into wrong paradigm into capitalist on their head, well if that College or University can advertise the future can be bought up to their scale, what kind of education are they offering? Selling future which is not totally true, human are made of intellectual and emotions, emphatic, psychology, and many more, they're not moulding injection plastic you can twist and bend then formatted into a set of future selling.I have seen bright students from no where, their school is mediocre but their spirit in learning what they believe can bring future into humanity is intact.That's what I called integrity.This "integrity" is a very expensive word's these days, many people said they have, honestly they do not really understand what integrity is all about, until your life is cramped down below the bottom of a cliff, yet you have to survive and climb up by yourself with no one is helping.Integrity in finding "truth" to what they believe , metaphoric question, having your guts is worth more than your paradigm mind setting

Education failed as I was participating in Linkedin, a great discussions brought up, and everyone in the forum come up with many implication, reasons, reasonable doubts, ambiguity, etc, it's good, awakening the sleeping society from "trance" into finding themselves in what they believe and make a get go action is more difficult than taking examination from Harvard Law School.

Just thinking it over, are we on the right path? Or we are just in"trance", hypnotized as if watching commercial break on TV Shows.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bad Server Hosting

If you're serious about Internet Marketing.First lesson I learn is get a qualified server hosting and make sure that they are protective from agents attack from third parties trying to inject the SQL.You know once they knocked down your SQL, your database are not safe anymore.Moreover it can turn around the clock changing your affiliate link etc many more , they might also stole your identity and reversed your IP address for their Black hat operation.

No matter how good your server hosting, it is recommended you study further on SQL, database, and protection from intercepting your qualification.No machine is perfect as human being are also evolved into innovation and we as the victims has to outsmart them.

The word knowledge is power is true, if you understand PHP, MYSQL, database, protection from black hacking can be minimise.And learning from WN and ollydebugger is an advantage too.


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