Friday, May 30, 2008

Gold Mining Project

Hello All,

I like to share the story as well in reality,I have been working offline as Sales and Marketing in Oil and Gas industry and off course Natural Resources as side in pertinent to resources.

I don't know where to start the story,if you read my previous article about viral marketing trade off in antiques would worth millions of dollars for oriental industrialist and related industry.Basically I have been involved in the trade but unfortunately I didn't make a score yet due to its business nature.

Anyway as life goes on from this community I met a gentleman who owns a natural resources concession in part of our country,unfortunately his disciplines in Law and Legal,he doesn't know anything about engineering,processing,set up management the concession.With the help of my friend and also will be his future right hand man finally I was introduced by him ,afterwards he request whether I can assist him in setting up engineering company and all its relevant contracting job to produce the requirement and achieve the production of it.

With all the passion I had and my 15 years experience in the related industry I call up one of my best expatriate friend to sort out all the problems before his trip to overseas meeting with the investor to launch the second terms of investment worth roughly around 900million US$,with first investment around 600 million US$.

After 1 week clarification we found out that the concession value the most of was copper and small amount of gold,which make the man more surprisingly happy.

As now the man is in overseas,all my job is to maintain the relations between their side and our side of portion in job description,as known contracting business is all in tricky and lots of manipulation,but I trusted both side and all related parties since we have known for quiet long and I believe deep down in my heart that everybody with their own experience has received such deception in the past,as present they will honor the gentleman agreement and will finalise in MOU legally bond once the prejudgement and commitment with all related parties in satisfied manner.

After all black and white in a piece of paper is good,but I think its the business ethiquette such as sincerity and willing to team up and succeed this project is the true spirit,since everyone will have their own share and each persons/parties will contribute up to their share of mind,heart and of course skill.

I hope everyone can understand the story I would like to impose not just some quick deal and full of trick or treat project.

Until then see you again


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