Saturday, June 21, 2008

Having Fun With Customer

Hi All,
On Friday night,we finally can invite our client to take them out have fun at men's club in South Jakarta.First it was a reluctant from their side whether to receive the invitation from us or not.As marketing in Oil and Gas,I have to approach them outside the office to lobby and secure the tender and ongoing tender we have with them as to grab our market share and take out the competition from our competitor.

Nothing is guaranteed in this business,although we have entertain them,but I feel relax,because after this and in the future we can get information to our benefits and get the achievement for our interest.

Approaching customer,in the means to lobby and educate with our business experience can also be to understand the companies culture between ourselves.Also relaxing,karaoke and accompanied with beautiful girls is so much fun though in business atmosphere.

I believe this is an approach that every company has to make to ensure their market share,I mean in offline business.In online I don't know if this method will work.

OK that's all folks,have a nice weekend.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Market Segment

Hi All,

Today is Wednesday June 18,2008.First thing in the morning I drove to customer to accompany our principal to enrolled product presentation.Surprisingly it was cancelled due to miss communication between our principal and the client.It was hilarious,my boss an expat and the client an Indonesian,it seems they speak English in email correspondence but different meaning,that's the problem of the roots.

Next thing back in the office,we have given task that Customer will be segregated between myself and a new guy .I thought I could relax for a while thinking my load will be ease enough.In fact it's not the load is getting crazier,on forecast report our previous forecast report was 42.5 million US dollar ,the top management is stretching into US$47 million dollar.

That means I have to follow up more incoming email and prospects and respond them,I felt so tired,its the companies getting rich not my own pocket.Since I was doing this IM for couple months ago,every night I pray to God,that wishing the other way around would work for me,you know imagining that I got email for my IM business as much as I work for the company.

Instead I only got so little comments to my blogs,so I write this short story article,where did I go wrong?

I believe I still have to try every method from gurus in IM and hoping to get traffic like storm,and need more rigorous time in building list and so on.

I hope my friends or readers can share how to make list building,or traffic increased with using white hat SEO off course.

Please kindly advise ,perhaps I can learn one or two tricks from the fellow reader.

Your comment is highly appreciated.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Monday Morning Preparation

Hi All,
Today is Sunday evening ,I just open my Gmail account and there was an opportunity making money or softly spoken can work at home.I don't know what's trigger in my head after reading their ad on AdWords Google beside my Gmail account.Anyway I just join without hesitation and keeping the extreme prejudice from my own.It is SFI some kind of affiliate marketing or dimensionally with multiple chart of program,it can be said mainstream income.

Anyway I register and it'll take sometime to study it.Right now I'm preparing for tomorrow meeting at my customer,officially this is my real offline job.Hoping my online would be a big score so I can retire.

What I learn from this online if you have read and join so many affiliates or anything,at the end is building your own image and making traffic of it either by email marketing ,SEO,or promoting your product through AdWords but it will cost you money.

Some people use writing articles to article directory,many methods and many ways but no guarantee it will be success.

I am just writing articles to my blogs with expectation that the SEO will index and define my article is pure content and no duplicate.

If readers have success story in online business within few months making 5 to 6 figures,please send me your success article at my blog and I will share your story through my other 40 blogs and my links.

At the moment I am just trying to be myself and making building list using conventional method.
So please don't be shy if you have something to share.

See you all,God Bless You



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