Saturday, June 21, 2008

Having Fun With Customer

Hi All,
On Friday night,we finally can invite our client to take them out have fun at men's club in South Jakarta.First it was a reluctant from their side whether to receive the invitation from us or not.As marketing in Oil and Gas,I have to approach them outside the office to lobby and secure the tender and ongoing tender we have with them as to grab our market share and take out the competition from our competitor.

Nothing is guaranteed in this business,although we have entertain them,but I feel relax,because after this and in the future we can get information to our benefits and get the achievement for our interest.

Approaching customer,in the means to lobby and educate with our business experience can also be to understand the companies culture between ourselves.Also relaxing,karaoke and accompanied with beautiful girls is so much fun though in business atmosphere.

I believe this is an approach that every company has to make to ensure their market share,I mean in offline business.In online I don't know if this method will work.

OK that's all folks,have a nice weekend.


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Robertfel said...

having fun with customer is a great approaching..

nice blg


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