Sunday, June 22, 2008

Updating with Friend in Internet Marketing

Hi All,
It's glad on weekend again,and can relax at home,especially this week is very tough as my job begins on 2Nd semester marketing new bookings in 2008.
I'm not going to discuss detail about my job,what I like to share is about the IM lessons as my friend took the course 2 weeks ago and with green experience,she has make a website and learning very fast from the IM master,an Indonesian guy,basically I want also to participate but I was running low on my cash flow,and I took the hard way by self learning.I envy her because she has the time and finance backup to engage in the course.
But I am not worried,at least she promised me she will share her knowledge to me and mine as well.The lessons she study from the mentor was crashed in two days workshop and it was the master experience in 2 years.
Amazing,how much headache of the attendees,imagining the years went through and only 2 days it was absorb.
Well,I can only share the thoughts that learning from scratch was also not easy,but after 3 months I have the basic knowledge of IM.
Therefore if I do meet her next week,I also have the knowledge and experience on what level of discussions and understanding the whole idea of the 2 days workshop seminar.
I hope I can grasp quickly,and progress since I'm on shoestring budget and my needs are getting higher.
That's all folks.

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