Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hi All,
Facebook is social networking nowadays becomes more popular than myspace I believe. It's not just getting friends,f ind something new interesting or meeting new venture. It now becomes money making machines in online business, which is good. Not just making money but making friends as well.

The top marketer John Chow has recently announce in his blog about a guy making US$10,000 in 37 days, Brian Campbell his the guy top star in facebook now.

What I like about these two guys are, John Chow as top IM asking Brian whether he can share his story on John Chow blogs without any return favor,just sincere. And Brian did post his story on John Chow site.

As the result now Brian is very busy responding many emails coming into his pockets.While doing so, Brian also commented about John how sincere the guy is,and if John comes back from his Shanghai trip he will give John a US$10,000 check because of the issue.

The key word as mention by Brian its not just about money it is sincerity. I hope we all can learn from this true story.


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Anonymous said...

sincerity...becoming a rare stuff these days;)


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