Saturday, March 8, 2008

Updates on Daily Marketing's

Just to share the opinion. Marketing currently with high speed internet, nowadays becomes much quicker, and action taken required.

Should always updates, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an offline marketer or online.

Get all the updated topics from the potential customer, existing customer and or new venture.

Make a list of customer, make survey, analyze their problems and use personal approach.

Customer behaviors in my experience is the first type the easy one, means the person is easy to talk with.

Type two the moody one depends on that person’s mood, this kind of approach need a little bit time.

The third is the tough and difficult to approach, which I believe usually this one is the key person to approach, how to handle the three characters is,

First be a good listener, and listen to what their problems. Although at some point we don’t agree, by simply speaking diplomatically and charmed the customer, the chemistry will work.

Once having a good conversation and or friendship relations it is easier to talk to new projects, if you need info the customer will give it to you and by all means he will work for you.

Just to share the info…..

Friday, March 7, 2008


Working for big corporate as sales and marketing requires fast coordination, between internal management and getting new customer as well as maintaining the existing customer, really it’s got what it takes.

Execution during the daily operation, reading dozens email, and replying it firstly is not just simple push button and prompt respond, also requires effective communication among internal management, to have one understanding and the right guidelines of marketing strategy prior seeing customer.

Humans being are not perfect sometimes we might think our goals as the same as what management thinks, often mistakes occur when we do not achieve the right target and will revert the impact to our internal management discipline strategy.

However my management always has this kind of brainstorming to put the idea of TEAM, achieving the right goals.

I believe that some of you are also having the same issue, getting and building strategy for Sales and Marketing look simple on the white board, apparently doing it sometimes become different.

When I was taking my Post Graduate School, there was a lecture on Management Strategic; it’s about how to set up and building management.

The lectures says that during his experience the rate on succeeding Management Strategic is only 40%,if applied correctly, then it will count to be as succeeding factor.

Judging that rate, now we understand that Management Strategic is very difficult to obtain.

That’s why brainstorming in big corporate is essential, to improve the quality in effective communication and overall improving the strategy itself for the benefit of the organizations.

As my superior always stresses TEAM, Together Everyone Achieve More.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Internet Marketing

This time I want to share the experience of my first day as involved in Internet Marketing, I was electrified when reading Sales Page from somebody I do not know in my inbox, claiming to be wealth and prosperous in short notice. I respect their effort to promote their websites, although sometimes the ethics conducted is unethical, using spam, or spider crawler.

The second day I started to think and join one of affiliation, though not having websites, with high hopes and spirit, I do promotion to free ads, pay ads, even news paper, forums, groups, I was doing it for the whole 3 weeks in a row, working on it 4 hours a day, and at the end the result was disappointment.

The problems when promoting in forums, groups or mailing list, in the forums, they are also promoting same stuff, in the groups they only allowed to promote on certain area, mailing list is the worst once you join certain mailing list the moderator will have restriction, no ads, no promo, no MLM network. It becomes more frustrating.

But I didn’t loose my focus, I started to buy e-books and study step by step, and tried various things, this e-book is good, but if your going to take tutorial step-by-step, it will become more time consuming.

At last I had enough of reading about SEO, Traffic Engine, etc, then I realized that making your own blog or sites and fill it up with your own content is worth more value and will also educate our soul.

My internet marketing mentor also said the same thing, writing article with our own content is wise though take time to build links but it will build strong foundation.

Just write your own content!

If want to study basics of SEO, please visit

To your success

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Forums for Newbies

For newbie’s on INTERNET MARKETING business, the first thing must know is about the promotion. Advise should be taken care on the low cost budget, or zero cost promotions until it makes real results.

Using the forums is a good way to educate and use it for free promotions for newbies, even if no experienced at all.

By all means, reading the forums on the first week, with 2-3 hours a day, also getting to know and play around the features on the websites forums takes time until you really feel at home.

Second step after reading and received educations from forums, note down important things. Subsequently practice it at your level of understanding. This will take another week.

After experiencing the INTERNET MARKETING practice at the level you really understand, go back to the forum and seek for the topics which is not too heavy for you and after reading it thoroughly, try to respond. Prior to respond you must becareful, watch out for reply or responds from other members. Or you will be embarrassed posting same thing or reply, I have seen in forum, where a person received complains being ignorant to other members reply.

Keep up reading new topics, updated your skills, even if your progress per day is only a slice pie, but it’s good to have real progress rather than get yourself burned.

Keep yourselves healthy, workout or do meditation. Be a positive thinker and attitude.

Building links to your website is like building image to yourself. There is no way building a mountain in short time.

Hopefully the tips given are at your benefit.

See and join
One of the most respected and education for serious INTERNET MARKETING.
Or search on Google or Yahoo for forums.

To your success

News Paper Vendor Kids

I have been living in Jakarta, Indonesia almost all my life, though when I was a kid I spent my primary school in Monterey, California, USA. Looking at the infrastructure between established countries is different from Less Developing Countries, what attracts me to write this article is about kids selling newspaper in the intersection of almost every road in Jakarta. From dawn till night time these kids as I may say, a very dedicated sales person, knocking to every car stopped at red-light traffics, one thing I forgot to describe nowadays population car in my town is overwhelmed, traffic jammed is everywhere as by profession my professional as Salesman always makes me on the road to visit customer.

Kids whom sell newspaper is no different than myself, they are exposure under any weather fore cast, mentally they are tough, promoting newspaper, magazine etc, similar almost like website without even complaining. These kids mostly drop out from school, their age varies from 9 to teenagers. Considering the fact that I finish my University degree, I felt how lucky I am.

The fact remains on so many question why do they do this job? The answer is simple they can’t afford to go to school, their parents came from poverty. Still they have discipline, motivation to work and self pride not to become beggars.

Learning from their lives, and self promotion from these kids, I think as a Salesman though I received many pressure from the management, compare with them, my burden is nothing, I still received monthly salary, these kids if they can’t make a selling, they don’t eat, as simple is that.

Hopefully this article can motivate people who is starting their Internet Marketing, can be mentally strong to face the fierce competition in this field area.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Viral Marketing

In this occasion on my launching weblog, I would like to share my Market Philosophy, in terms combination of marketing and philosophy. I believe some of you might already know and well educated what Viral Marketing is. It is based on reference from mouth to mouth marketing campaign, that’s what the traditional method while days of communication where telephone, internet nor cellular phone not exist.

I lived in Indonesia, a country located in South East Asia. Our country is well known by its mysticism, the fact grows where its nation builds up from Java Island and it’s believe to become the centerfold in the future establishment government. I am not going to go more deeply on the history. What I want to share is the trades of antiques, this kind of selling and buying though become interesting not only because its spiritual insights and mysticism but also lots hoax between the merchants, the middleman and the so called buyer, who claims to have lots of money. Inception begins when 2 years ago I met a spiritual practitioner and by accidentally I become the student. That first engagement I had no idea at all what she really makes her living, besides teaching and healing people who come to her.

The story of antiques where she knew lots of people who have the “Merah Delima”, Rings, “Tiger pocket”. Whom it believe can bring lots of power and spiritual awareness to those who posses it, especially who wants to become a leader. Believe it or not!

The first stage when someone want to test the goods is, he or she must have powerful inner strength, like “ki” in Japanese terms and “Chi” in Chinese terms.

The tester is to take out and pull the hair of the merchants and “fill” it up with energy and using the goods Merah Delima to cut through the hair which after filling energy, if the hair is broken or cut through that means the goods or items is fake, but if it tested twice and the hair maintain the resilient then this is the true “one”.

In a couple of weeks she almost made a deal with a very wealthy industrialist from overseas who wants to posses the items, but prevailing the engagement is to be postponed due to like or dislike the “khoddam” or ‘jinn” who stays in the goods.

This kind of Viral Marketing as I made survey took almost decades to establish and maintain it's reputation of the merchants, the middleman and the buyer. Due to its exclusiveness this networking is very limited. But once if the deal goes into reality the price of the antique is worth about US$2 million until US$ 5 million dollar even more, I heard overseas industrialist is willing to pay US$50 million – US$100million.

If we compare to other marketing campaign, this viral marketing is unique, current marketing campaign nowadays using internet, banners, and flyers, gaining your blog traffic, but at the end of the day all we need is the result of making the real deal.


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