Saturday, March 8, 2008

Updates on Daily Marketing's

Just to share the opinion. Marketing currently with high speed internet, nowadays becomes much quicker, and action taken required.

Should always updates, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an offline marketer or online.

Get all the updated topics from the potential customer, existing customer and or new venture.

Make a list of customer, make survey, analyze their problems and use personal approach.

Customer behaviors in my experience is the first type the easy one, means the person is easy to talk with.

Type two the moody one depends on that person’s mood, this kind of approach need a little bit time.

The third is the tough and difficult to approach, which I believe usually this one is the key person to approach, how to handle the three characters is,

First be a good listener, and listen to what their problems. Although at some point we don’t agree, by simply speaking diplomatically and charmed the customer, the chemistry will work.

Once having a good conversation and or friendship relations it is easier to talk to new projects, if you need info the customer will give it to you and by all means he will work for you.

Just to share the info…..

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