Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bad Server Hosting

If you're serious about Internet Marketing.First lesson I learn is get a qualified server hosting and make sure that they are protective from agents attack from third parties trying to inject the SQL.You know once they knocked down your SQL, your database are not safe anymore.Moreover it can turn around the clock changing your affiliate link etc many more , they might also stole your identity and reversed your IP address for their Black hat operation.

No matter how good your server hosting, it is recommended you study further on SQL, database, and protection from intercepting your qualification.No machine is perfect as human being are also evolved into innovation and we as the victims has to outsmart them.

The word knowledge is power is true, if you understand PHP, MYSQL, database, protection from black hacking can be minimise.And learning from WN and ollydebugger is an advantage too.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Social Media Marketing

Of all the fuzz word how to make money online and thousands of software craps that just don't do the work After 2 years wasted for nothing I finally found outs something how to dealt with Online Marketing, Internet marketing and real conversions, or I shall say how to make real traffic .

Here is the story, never use or buy that automatic back Link, software for getting add friends finder, it's all lots of BS and craps, the worst is that Internet Marketing Guru also sucks! What they do is they keep lying to newbies how easy would be in making thousands of dollars in short time. I got real good news for you, dream on??!! It's BS and not educative!

Want to know the real deal in IM or Blogging or whatever you like to call it, making money on Internet.

Make your blog, make quality content, get traffic by using social media, I mean you really had to work hard on this one, really make connection not just say hello and BS stuff.Join the groups by contributing your thoughts, article, or volunteer to their Vision and Mission and don't sound pitching.Just sincere help, and don't offer anything from your side, no BL no promo of your blog or whatsoever, just plain sincere.Surprisingly this help me a lot I got helped by people that I didn't even think care about my Health Blog. And lots of increase.

That's it, just make it simple, online business is just like offline, it's the real people connected with you will help you, not visitor that is not loyal, or hit and run , that will not do the job.

Have a nice day


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