Friday, June 27, 2008

List Building

Hi All,
Yes its Friday night,its weekend time and lots of fun.Just to inform you my mentor IM Tsuyoshi Suzuki just invited me to join the IMGifts,its a product made by a young man Reed Floren who becomes success in IM at young age,isn't it fantastic.I'm also dreaming about it though I'm just newbies.
The product is very interesting its giving away free e-book who would sign up in 1 week,by that if the time is over ,who knows whats going to happen.The challenge ,yes you are right its not easy building list in networking,but come to think about it everything is not easy in this world.
In facebook I also join the IVS,its spiritual and religious study its a path too seek the "self" and being present and study of Jana Yoga,impersonal of God.As I spoke to my master,he also has to work hard to attain enlightenment ,he told me it took 14 years to achieve the level of spirituality,in terms of only living daily in basic ways,far away from luxurious,desires,wantings and ego.Only to find the path of bliss,meaning spiritual happiness.
As for the above article I am just motivating myself to learn about IM and just do what my IM mentor told me what to do without asking too many questions.This is the way a relations between a Master and a student.
If my dear reader have not join facebook,I encouraged you to do so,its a great way to learn so many thing around the globe.
If your interested to join me on list building in this IMgifts just click the title at the bottom page of my blog and we prosper together.
That's all folks
God Bless You,

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hi All,
Facebook is social networking nowadays becomes more popular than myspace I believe. It's not just getting friends,f ind something new interesting or meeting new venture. It now becomes money making machines in online business, which is good. Not just making money but making friends as well.

The top marketer John Chow has recently announce in his blog about a guy making US$10,000 in 37 days, Brian Campbell his the guy top star in facebook now.

What I like about these two guys are, John Chow as top IM asking Brian whether he can share his story on John Chow blogs without any return favor,just sincere. And Brian did post his story on John Chow site.

As the result now Brian is very busy responding many emails coming into his pockets.While doing so, Brian also commented about John how sincere the guy is,and if John comes back from his Shanghai trip he will give John a US$10,000 check because of the issue.

The key word as mention by Brian its not just about money it is sincerity. I hope we all can learn from this true story.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Updating with Friend in Internet Marketing

Hi All,
It's glad on weekend again,and can relax at home,especially this week is very tough as my job begins on 2Nd semester marketing new bookings in 2008.
I'm not going to discuss detail about my job,what I like to share is about the IM lessons as my friend took the course 2 weeks ago and with green experience,she has make a website and learning very fast from the IM master,an Indonesian guy,basically I want also to participate but I was running low on my cash flow,and I took the hard way by self learning.I envy her because she has the time and finance backup to engage in the course.
But I am not worried,at least she promised me she will share her knowledge to me and mine as well.The lessons she study from the mentor was crashed in two days workshop and it was the master experience in 2 years.
Amazing,how much headache of the attendees,imagining the years went through and only 2 days it was absorb.
Well,I can only share the thoughts that learning from scratch was also not easy,but after 3 months I have the basic knowledge of IM.
Therefore if I do meet her next week,I also have the knowledge and experience on what level of discussions and understanding the whole idea of the 2 days workshop seminar.
I hope I can grasp quickly,and progress since I'm on shoestring budget and my needs are getting higher.
That's all folks.


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