Saturday, July 12, 2008

Motivation Group and Building List

The motivation as a word and motivate people is used in many terms in developing groups in social networking.The word inspire many people across the globe yet profound. In facebook, I note that there are extraordinary people with intention on humanity and sincere effort to realisations on building groups starting from ordinary campaign of aid, voluntary, job search effort, simple advise and though journalism.
The idea to motivate people and pertinent to list building mainstream of joining the same vision and mission, sharing ideas, and or develop new concepts on society realisations, I believe this goal is noble. Only few people in this world would do it, it's like no catch sales found at the other end.
Noted the second idea is about Complementary and Alternative Healing Practices, this mission and vision can be viewed on facebook, with creator Mr. Sylvain Henry from Canada. The gentleman idea token at the purest level of spiritual idealistic, looks simple yet embrace the nations in Canada on helping each other community.
Very rarely indeed, the concepts he builds though not using motivate or motivation words, the acts and sharp intuition of the gentleman motivate the mind reader and entice the people on joining his group. Its about medical therapy which I believe the essence of world community to live a healthier live and stress relief and become self realisations on deeper insights.
Hope this video below will motivate you to reach your dreams and helping others.
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If the reader would like to join and contribute the expertise as a healer, please join the group led by Mr Sylvain Henry, which we reassure can make your life meaningful by helping other people who needs our help.
Love and Motivate for People

Monday, July 7, 2008

Marketing Job Interview

Today the author has an opportunity interview job for the designated job description as Sales and Marketing and another alternative offer as Business Development.
The interview went well, the company human resources is very young yet dynamic and likes to motivate people to improve and becomes inspired by their own ability not by some environment that could help the situation of the person i.e quotes depending on the mood, instead being yourself as it is.
The job of marketing outlines stipulated for the low pressures of drilling equipment and made manufacture from China though it has API 6A certifications.
The question was about how much challenge for the incumbent if hold a position as Sales and Marketing for product that is new to market viable. The answer to that question is high motivated, self motivation and the eagerness to penetrate new or traditional markets, which in this country (Indonesia) is not easy giving the fact that all oil company mostly is American Company with mind and motivated American branded.
Nevertheless the incumbent is still persistence in stating that business development have high Sales Potentials with the ratio of Low Pressure Market in Upstream is own by small oil company yet it has the market share of customer around 60 % and it's a good opportunity.
After discussions has elapsed there was a brief technical discussion of the incumbent in what area of the market share specialize, technical discussions etc.
Another opportunity awaits for second round, now the incumbent is meditating for presents and write article in this blog to expect the unexpected.
See you again sometimes.
An interview job joke below will cheer you up.
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Quote "Motivated Persons is a Person who thinks he can win any fight in a Battlefields,not because of the techniques of the fight itself"


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