Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Being a Boss without becoming Bossy

There is no argument when we discussed this bossy attitude, no one likes it, your family, your old friends and environment.Why? well for first reason's people just don't like that arrogant commotion in someone face when "bossy" face appears, it is irritating

What people like is a bos that is humble, educative, patience, emotional control, etc.This type of boss has the quality of a leadership that only 1 in a million figure.

There is a big difference becomes boss and bossy, or leadership skill although you do not entitled high rank position in office organisations or elsewhere in community.

I found this kind of character most of them in lower rank and middle management, actually if we learn this case study of managerial things, they are truly the hero and motor of an organisations, unfortunately they don't get any high rewards.Well sad case off course, but that is real life were living.

These character of people usually hidden the highly skilled human potentials, either in human relationship intellectual and emotional, never play dirty office politics and always becoming problem solver to deadlock situation, it doesn't matter whether were talking managerial or operation in field such as construction site, or drilling activity.You always see them as "stars" despite their low rank, humble, polite manner, helpful,never gossiping, friendly and become's your best buddy in talking while they listen to your problems.

But amazingly, it is also an opposite scenario, these people never become on top management.It's always those assholes character gets the High Position.Sometimes I question to my God, Allah, why these thing happens to them, it's not fair, but God would implies this is world not heaven, so diversity in faith and luck is my authority, human should never judge on what God say or want.

Well let's get back to world stuff, in study case human , maybe they are typical of a hero that, always says the outspoken truth, and their idea is brilliant, arise then some kind of envy to their colleagues, and threatens their career on top, so the game of backstabbing begins.First of all I don't know when this backstabbing terminology starts, in Western or Eastern, since I came from eastern culture we have this backstabbing from a place where monarchy starts, and I am still in search, actually who start this game our beloved feudalism the Holland, or the King monarchy who teach them???..LOL.

Enough said, study case 2 is, maybe God wants them and love these kind of people so God is afraid if they became bos, they will forget their real "character" and becomes "bitches" or asshole..just think of it...so in my opinion God is very fair .

As for ending part ..lets be a nice guy..God loves Nice Guys.....

the end


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