Saturday, April 19, 2008


Dear Sirs,

Just now I join the groups on stand with Tibet.This group was on,a social network for building any kind relationship .Firstly I join the group in a sincere attitude,no sales catch or intention to promote my blog or my website,amazingly in just few days,I started to make friends and building links,without any resistance,I guess this is maybe in my assumptions that if you are pushing yourself to make friends with the intentions to promote and make quick selling,this method as I may say will be disappointment for us.In the other hand if we just let it flow with our passionate in making friends sincerely ,surprisingly it build up relationship without any resistance.

Ok I don't want to discuss about marketing,I just want to share about propaganda on stands for Tibetan,I basically a spiritual believer,if looking in the eyes of Dalai Lama,without any doubt,in those eyes I have seen Peace and Harmony,I am asking to whoever those who opposed violence ,I guess this is the right time to join the propaganda and help the Tibetan against violence and suppression.

Without any doubt the only solution to peace and harmony in this universe ,is to get rid ourselves from,ego,arrogance,pride,fear,hatred,etc.

And replace it with peace,loving,caring,positive thinking and the energy will flow naturally without resistance,just like when we are trying too hard on selling something,we too much explained the product,quality and sometimes we forgot about the human factor,human need to be approached in human way not using Marketing Method or sophisticated software to build up links.

I guess that's all from now,to your success and let may Peace be Upon All of us.

God bless You All

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