Sunday, May 4, 2008

Persistency in Making Blogs

Just to inform that myself and sister start to make blog around 2 months ago with zero knowledge,we just doing it and lots of headache, try to understand the terminology of online business, seo, blog walking, improve traffic, etc.

Finally we succeed in doing it,my sister PR is now no 4, we didn't use any fancy software to do it,just traditional and indexing to number 1 Google search engine, now after completing 1 site, we are confident to make another and improve the rating.

My advice for newbies please try from scratch how to make blog and how to get google adsense and make our content authentic, I believe one day we can make lots of genuine traffic.

To your success


Nita said...

Exactly true. I agree with you on this one. I have multiple blogs as well and I'm loving it.

A.L. said...

Thanks Nita for comments,dropping by.
To your success


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