Thursday, March 6, 2008

Forums for Newbies

For newbie’s on INTERNET MARKETING business, the first thing must know is about the promotion. Advise should be taken care on the low cost budget, or zero cost promotions until it makes real results.

Using the forums is a good way to educate and use it for free promotions for newbies, even if no experienced at all.

By all means, reading the forums on the first week, with 2-3 hours a day, also getting to know and play around the features on the websites forums takes time until you really feel at home.

Second step after reading and received educations from forums, note down important things. Subsequently practice it at your level of understanding. This will take another week.

After experiencing the INTERNET MARKETING practice at the level you really understand, go back to the forum and seek for the topics which is not too heavy for you and after reading it thoroughly, try to respond. Prior to respond you must becareful, watch out for reply or responds from other members. Or you will be embarrassed posting same thing or reply, I have seen in forum, where a person received complains being ignorant to other members reply.

Keep up reading new topics, updated your skills, even if your progress per day is only a slice pie, but it’s good to have real progress rather than get yourself burned.

Keep yourselves healthy, workout or do meditation. Be a positive thinker and attitude.

Building links to your website is like building image to yourself. There is no way building a mountain in short time.

Hopefully the tips given are at your benefit.

See and join
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Or search on Google or Yahoo for forums.

To your success

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