Thursday, March 6, 2008

News Paper Vendor Kids

I have been living in Jakarta, Indonesia almost all my life, though when I was a kid I spent my primary school in Monterey, California, USA. Looking at the infrastructure between established countries is different from Less Developing Countries, what attracts me to write this article is about kids selling newspaper in the intersection of almost every road in Jakarta. From dawn till night time these kids as I may say, a very dedicated sales person, knocking to every car stopped at red-light traffics, one thing I forgot to describe nowadays population car in my town is overwhelmed, traffic jammed is everywhere as by profession my professional as Salesman always makes me on the road to visit customer.

Kids whom sell newspaper is no different than myself, they are exposure under any weather fore cast, mentally they are tough, promoting newspaper, magazine etc, similar almost like website without even complaining. These kids mostly drop out from school, their age varies from 9 to teenagers. Considering the fact that I finish my University degree, I felt how lucky I am.

The fact remains on so many question why do they do this job? The answer is simple they can’t afford to go to school, their parents came from poverty. Still they have discipline, motivation to work and self pride not to become beggars.

Learning from their lives, and self promotion from these kids, I think as a Salesman though I received many pressure from the management, compare with them, my burden is nothing, I still received monthly salary, these kids if they can’t make a selling, they don’t eat, as simple is that.

Hopefully this article can motivate people who is starting their Internet Marketing, can be mentally strong to face the fierce competition in this field area.

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