Friday, March 7, 2008


Working for big corporate as sales and marketing requires fast coordination, between internal management and getting new customer as well as maintaining the existing customer, really it’s got what it takes.

Execution during the daily operation, reading dozens email, and replying it firstly is not just simple push button and prompt respond, also requires effective communication among internal management, to have one understanding and the right guidelines of marketing strategy prior seeing customer.

Humans being are not perfect sometimes we might think our goals as the same as what management thinks, often mistakes occur when we do not achieve the right target and will revert the impact to our internal management discipline strategy.

However my management always has this kind of brainstorming to put the idea of TEAM, achieving the right goals.

I believe that some of you are also having the same issue, getting and building strategy for Sales and Marketing look simple on the white board, apparently doing it sometimes become different.

When I was taking my Post Graduate School, there was a lecture on Management Strategic; it’s about how to set up and building management.

The lectures says that during his experience the rate on succeeding Management Strategic is only 40%,if applied correctly, then it will count to be as succeeding factor.

Judging that rate, now we understand that Management Strategic is very difficult to obtain.

That’s why brainstorming in big corporate is essential, to improve the quality in effective communication and overall improving the strategy itself for the benefit of the organizations.

As my superior always stresses TEAM, Together Everyone Achieve More.

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