Thursday, March 6, 2008

Internet Marketing

This time I want to share the experience of my first day as involved in Internet Marketing, I was electrified when reading Sales Page from somebody I do not know in my inbox, claiming to be wealth and prosperous in short notice. I respect their effort to promote their websites, although sometimes the ethics conducted is unethical, using spam, or spider crawler.

The second day I started to think and join one of affiliation, though not having websites, with high hopes and spirit, I do promotion to free ads, pay ads, even news paper, forums, groups, I was doing it for the whole 3 weeks in a row, working on it 4 hours a day, and at the end the result was disappointment.

The problems when promoting in forums, groups or mailing list, in the forums, they are also promoting same stuff, in the groups they only allowed to promote on certain area, mailing list is the worst once you join certain mailing list the moderator will have restriction, no ads, no promo, no MLM network. It becomes more frustrating.

But I didn’t loose my focus, I started to buy e-books and study step by step, and tried various things, this e-book is good, but if your going to take tutorial step-by-step, it will become more time consuming.

At last I had enough of reading about SEO, Traffic Engine, etc, then I realized that making your own blog or sites and fill it up with your own content is worth more value and will also educate our soul.

My internet marketing mentor also said the same thing, writing article with our own content is wise though take time to build links but it will build strong foundation.

Just write your own content!

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To your success

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