Friday, July 4, 2008

Motivating your Thoughts

Motivations is word easy to pronounce yet it seems so deeply different if implemented.
Motivating your friends,love ones,family and other society would be seem like a happy ending if given the right words of motivation.
Firstly it depends who is the motivator,is he having deep experience life from full circle until rise up again and emotionally content with words.
Words also becomes power in your thoughts and derive the spirit flowing through the mind and move the bodies person into positive action in life.
In our daily live we seem too many disappointment and extracting the result of hard work only to find the spirit is subside.
Maintain your spirit and thoughts using the right keywords of motivational phenomena in life could be inspiring and becomes our spiritual teacher.
We live only for "now",present that's what always brought up by gurus spiritual,it means we do not look back the past only to learn nor seeking future only to plan.
The seeking or seekers is not exist,do not find seekers,therefore the answer is already there.
I hope my beloved friends can be motivated today,present and right "now"

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