Monday, August 11, 2008

Internet Marketing: Newbies Guidelines

Internet Marketing: Newbies Guidelines

Based on the experience the author would like to share of his experience as an Internet Marketing.
1. Downloading free e-books from Internet.
2. Study the e-book, one by one.
3 Implement the e-book guidelines.
Most interesting when you were downloading e-book, the first impressions were thinking that Internet Marketing were so easy to catch money, unfortunately it's not. Many scams to realised it was a Black Hat SEO or White Hat SEO.
I started as local affiliates in Indonesia only, with free e-book, then got my first affiliate links and so happy to promote trough Yahoogroups and Googlegroups. The most prominent website, and turn out in vein.
For another insight, let's take a look a video below on Affiliate Marketing Guide for Newbies.
Posted in YouTube by h4affiliates
I had no knowledge what was SEO all about, taking that 2 months of promoting the wrong way. So I jump to buy another programme Niche Inspector and HYPERVRE, I thought it was easy, honestly it's not, too many sales pitch inside.
You know what a sales pitch?
It is something that the owner of software or programme can hook you deeply that ultimately at the end you have to buy his software, yes that's right, the man is guiding his spider web, to catch newbies like us. From that day, I don' t want to buy another programme or software, finally I took mentor class on SEO organic, after taking the course, everything was so clear. Now I have my site no 1. Google search engine although in Indonesia, yet the niche is competitive but at least I have a path or method to do SEO the right way.
My advise to newbies for Internet Marketing don't get scam like me, before you wasted your money, I advice you to take good mentor and will save a lot of trouble.

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