Saturday, August 9, 2008

Marketing by Motivation

Internet Marketing - Marketing Journal : Marketing by Motivation

Today the author would like to share his experience in this week marketing daily life . After remove to a new Pumps Division for almost 1 month, found many clarifications on correspondence either from manufacture and or to clients were basically biased or you can say "screw up", if you ask me about this? Honestly speaking I also don't know what happen, since I am new to this department.

I believe the systems in correspondence were missed out of target based on the following reasons :

1. Lacking of Sales Application Engineer
2. The incumbent person implementing Sales and Commercial is not having technical qualifications back ground.
3. Lacking manpower to do daily's sales and operation.

Since the management trusted me to carry out and assist the department, my main target firstly is fixing the internal communication between us. Secondly educating and motivating the SAC persons to know more of Pumps technical background as to smooth the daily operation.

Third developing market analysis, comprising forecasting, potentials customer, new projects and follow up on technical side.

Sounds easy isn't it ? No it's not, it is a multi task force job that I have to carry out.I am not complaining, I love challenge.

In this topic, I share the "Marketing by Motivation", it's a words put it or inject to yourself that you have this enormous energy to do all the above stuff, if the readers are known to NLP or hypnotherapy,this is one of the case study to put into practice.

Although this marketing task is difficult, I am optimist that I can put the team on the sucess level by end of this year.

The idea in this area is not about concept, it's about motivation in marketing campaign to all customer, branding with the product knowledge into the mind share of potentials customer.

It is the same concept in Internet Marketing, though you are working yourself, you are competing with yourself, it's difficult, but challenging isn't it?

You don't know how far your progress, you can only know within your soul. It's like a mind saying "I am tired,but the other mind says "I have to keep pushing to the limit", it is mind power.

This is the key success in marketing either online marketing or offline marketing.
Steve Jobs gave a nice motivational speech below, let's hear it to burst our spirit.
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I hope we can motivate our self in this topic" Marketing by Motivation".

OK see you next time folks,

Ari Lestariono

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