Thursday, June 5, 2008

Marketing Concepts

Hi All,
Today at the office I was having a brief meeting by my boss,his our division manger ,the guidelines to be made by people like us to execute the strategy plan for the enterprise concepts.
Firstly described in Indonesia we have many and major Oil Companies as our home account,the definition in home account is,that's our pie market share and holding the market leader in this country.We provide upstream equipment for PCS,JOB and TAC for the whole archipelago.
Our share are strong in High Pressure and High Temperature,and since require the stringent technology ,our partner as the principal outsource the raw material in Europe and using the QA/QC procedure applied for API 6A,they have the best testing machines in the world in conjunction provide the end solution for the users as to resistivity and corrosive environment in drilling activity.
Ok folks that's the technology side,I want to share a little bit about the marketing strategy ,first get the upcoming Sales Potentials of the whole customer,Secondly get the organization chart and Third get the info on pricing budget expenditure and last is competitor analysis,whereas from this point we can measure the strength and weakened of the whole game,not to mention only 2 guys now working for this challenging job and certainly underpaid salary which come to think of it we are just slave of the big industrialist in Oil and Gas Industry.
I am not complaining because maybe this is my destiny to follow through the path and who knows I might gain something.
If looking at the story above it seems so simple,getting the job done is as far becoming more and more stressing than I thought.The marketing system if I may assumes as we are operating like an Intelligence Secret Agent,how to manipulate people,sweet and smooth talker making many traps until getting the prey i.e the customer.
I don't know why I'm doing this underpaid job,maybe its in my blood or I don't have any other choice working in this Americanized culture.
Well let God show me the true path.
Bless you All

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