Friday, June 6, 2008

Marketing Pressure

Hi All,
Today as usual I went to the office on my way I received text messages from my superior that our partner/principal request help from us to provide marketing research and surveys on the downstream equipment,which I know this task was given to me 2 months ago,and I suddenly felt that during those two months I have made my plan and scheduled to do exactly what the company requirements still I am left behind though I work very hard to keep up the requirement either from our customer and or partner.I believe this is what they called a rat race in marketing management.
Luckily although I have not retain full success I managed somehow to acquire data,then another problems happening to me,when commence the calculation of sales potentials etc,I have no clue how to establish such report ,I was assisted by my colleague from other department but he also cannot give full support due to his work load capacity.Last I was stressed and I didn't do my job for submission report required.
Instead I was having lunch with the guys from other division for 3 hours,joking around and share experience in marketing intelligence.
Soon after I got back to office feeling refresh.I started to play around some figure and finally I got the right stuff although I have scepticism that my report will not meet our partner satisfaction.
As I want to send email through my laptop,surprisingly my director already made a full report to our partner with a copy to mine.At last I felt relieve somebody is already done the job,and to be honest my load was already overwhelming.
So my dear friend if you happen to be just the same like me overburden job and underpaid salary,if you receive pressure first thing don't get stress or panic,just do your best and give it back to nature to solve the problem and somebody else or the Universe will help you out of the day.
Peace and Harmony

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