Sunday, June 1, 2008

Spiritual Share

Dear All,

On this occasions I just want to share some kind of short enlightenment in marketing techniques,at the moment I am still working as offline marketing and commence Internet Marketing not long than 3 months ago,during those times as I mentioned ,am read many e-book articles,this technique marketing and that kind of new technique marketing at the end all is compile into one motivation how to sell and make money quickly.

I can not blame for anyone who wants to get rich quickly,even myself wanting the same desire.But what really surprise me is all this Guru marketing is they have knowledge on how to make enticing newsletter and sales letter that even for anyone who doesn't have the interest after reading ,for somehow they will jump and start a lot of question and suddenly the next thing is they bought this e-book just like what I did on my first day learning this business,afterward there's come the part how to get traffic with so many techniques,writing articles,making links and makes me exhausting and feel frustrated and am start trying to get some new fresh idea.

I start joining the social networking ,and at that instant moment I wish only to make friends not trying to promote my sites although I put the sites on my profile only as an identification that I have my sites,just for socializing.

One day after juggling around and playing with social networking and after met and get acquainted in new friends ,I join this spiritual sites and host by an Indian guy in Calcutta I believe.I just want to learn the spiritual nothing more and not trying to sell something.

As I learn spiritual sides by practicing meditation ,for somehow I feel connected with him,feel so close and I can feel the energy within.

I didn't realize that since the engagement with him I become more relax and cool,so gradually he teaches me spiritual from basic,now I can feel the achievement.

I didn't notice that he also have a sites with thousands of members,I think from that point I realized that the way he offers help to people is very sincere and honest and also no sales pitch.

I suddenly being awakened that in Marketing terms, a lot we have hear about mind share,capital share,work share ,I think the most important thing is having spiritual share,because in my opinion if someone has acquire spiritual share they will help us without asking them to do so and of course sincerity.

I think this is where these marketing Gurus are neglecting it,all they want is quick result without understanding the spiritual share of the audience.

OK folks that's all for me,see you later.


1 comment:

felinesopher said...

great stuff:) how about heart share, is it the same as spiritual share?


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