Monday, December 27, 2010

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Have been doing Internet Marketing since almost 2 years now, remembering my first call to note that this is my first blogging experience in this blogger community.

Here are the summary of my path learning experience.
1. Taking SEO Course
2. Blogging Course
3. PPC Course,

Only three courses, and other software I bought on my path as Internet Marketing.Also writing content with high paying keywords, taking PHP, HTML Courses.

Got my first online income, then stagnate the progress for almost a year, by doing the "wrong way" of Internet Marketing.

After 2 years of trial and error, finally I came back to circle of learning, where you are start to gain all over again, and everything you read and exercise becomes so clear.

Hoping that my next Internet Marketing in 2011, will become more clear, as the path of my journey more focuses on niche and methodology of Internet marketing.

I found that persistence, trial and error is your best teacher, although I have local and overseas mentor, the best teacher is your practical experiences in dealing obstacles.One thing that holds my progress, still I can not focus 100 % on online,since I am still working day job 9 - 5.

My wishes if next year I can get 4 to 5 figures /month in US $, then I could do more concentrations, the problems I have to pay bills for monthly with current online income is far from needs!

So a big challenge awaits.

Thank you so much for this great community, oh yeah by the way, for some people who are new to this business, 2 years in online marketing is like having 10-15 years in offline, since the competition is so tight and fiercely

Only people that have strong motivation, discipline and strong focus will survive.This is not for dabblers.

Hope to see the 2011 with more success.

All the best.

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