Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Keyword Research

Another ball game with playing SEO on/off pages.The reason behind this , is making your content with high paying keywords are not always promising with high clicks, although many top SEO strategic can have some good income.

I learn SEO from different Master, one master taught me to find Niche that competition in between 50-60% tight, and other Master saying you must go for the highest competition.

In this study case there is no wrong or right answer, the outcome results is the answer.Another way is making long tail keywords, to beat the competition, some says using the 4 long tail keywords can get you good CTR.

Well since the progress of Google crawl, is more randomly, nobody can guarantee anything, when Google is using real human to check blogs, last year there was a big slash on Adwords player, and many stop platying PPC, since GOogle wants real company to bid not Internet Marketing flourishing the Internet.

The results many PPC players stop, when you can't beat on top curve of Google game. Sad to hear, but that is reality.

So back to square one, doing Internet Marketing, with Old School, free traffic, making content, etc, quiet tedious job I might say, but show must go on.

I hope the Internet marketing is not dead yet , when we know the competition is getting heavier every day.

Best Of Luck

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