Saturday, January 1, 2011

CTR on New Years Night

After having dinner with my cousins, relative and family .I went home and check my CTR, surprisingly, there is a click to my blog .

So there is no assumption just because it's about Holiday, you will never get click on adsense.

My target for 2011, still doing my affiliate marketing, drive more traffic to my blogs, sharpen the keywords, and making back links to sites to generate more unique visitors.

I have 1 blog that having steady traffic per day around 300-400, if i were to remember that it took almost from November 2008 up to March 2009, writing article content with full meaning, and doing blog walking almost 6-8 hours a day.So my traffic now is very decent, need only to improve the layout to get more CTR.

If CTR are considerately minimum according to some Internet Marketing practical experience is 10%.If you get lower than that, that means you still have to work hard....

Now all I have to do is make money from Clickbank,CPA etc.

Practically I am not doing anything to that blog, yet traffic is constant.I am now focusing on other blogs as well to rinse and repeat.

Best of Luck to you guys on this year 2011

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