Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Recruitment

I found an interesting life experience when I was having a recruitment from a company commenced on October 2010.It was a implement by using head hunter through Internet, the first call for an interview was quick. I was amazed that only 2 days after sending application letter via online I got my first start.

Question were asked on basic skills, am presenting an introduction about myself and how I worked and my views if I were to join the firm.I think I made the correct impressions, and provides on forecasting and identifying each market segmented, from Oil and Gas Market, Industrial , Petrochemical, High Rise Building, stressing on company product strong point.

To leverage it seems on fast moving goods, it was on of those battery UPS and Nicad, no high tech involved where you know tight competition with rat-race scenario!

Solution given to them, by making the level stocks of inventory to meet the booking order, this basic problems if neglected, in my opinion will trigger chaos in uprising costing impact to quotation proposals.

Another area is to really calculate the Sales Potentials on one - on -one research and survey to every customer on database.In some company, I were to found majority they would do some relaxation on this exercise and only making assumptions.This is not a correct attitude, though they would make lame excuse since it is retail, subsequently just looking on previous year trends will do the same on the next year!!??

Anyway, back to recruitment story, on the following months they asked on more details to remuneration package, and I though it was this is it, 90% I will get the incumbent position.

With the following week, I was asked to come down and it was final interview, by doing checking, fit and proper test questions.

Days had gone, and suddenly they send me email that process interview being delay for uncertainty time frame.

Learning lesson from this story , you just and can not predict what will happen only God knows the final

Well no worries I have other 2 job interview, now I becoming more cooler since then.

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