Friday, February 11, 2011

How high should I tee up the golf ball?

The golf tee is the only place on the course you can set the lie of your golf ball.
If that's the case you should take advantage of this situation. For woods the golf
ball should be teed up with half the golf ball above the height of the wood. The ball
is teed up higher because the golf swing with a wood hits the ball on a more upwards
sweeping arc and little ground contact. With an iron the swing creates a more downward
angle of approach which is why golfers take divots. The ball should be teed very low
to the ground with an iron; this makes sure the ball is struck with the sweet spot
of the iron where the majority of the weight behind the club head is. The metal in
the golf head towards the top is thinner and doesn't carry as much weight so teeing
the ball up high with an iron will cause the ball to hit the top most part of the
club head and giving little power, which creates inconsistent distance with the club.

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