Thursday, February 10, 2011

SEO on Traffic

Over the past weeks I learnt SEO again starting from basics, although I have join SEO master class, by one of top master in Indonesia, I found out that SEO in past two years time although basics still same, but the insight of tweaking and researching the keyword niche has become more tough.

I believe readers having same thought, getting that SEO On/Off pages.

On Pages : - One must do step by step on H1,H2,H3,H4 tags, bold keywords in content.
- Using high Paying keywords and bla.bla..bla and the rest is everyone knows.

the problems still occurs , when your visitors just won't cranked up even stagnant, well best ways is still making content to your blogs and posted to social book markings.But remember putting articles on book markings is also, not having the same content, or you'll be be penalised and Google will banned your article's.

Used another way is hire a ghost writer for your article marketing, and spread to 50 article directory, and bookmarked.

Don't forget to ping it.

As for Off Pages, as usual making back links, and do blog walking with making high quality comments and giving contribution to owner blogs , and don't just make any silly comments.

As for the rest, I will continue tomorrow, I have to go to sleep.It's late midnight here.

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Samual said...

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