Friday, February 11, 2011

What golf equipment do I need to start playing golf?

If you’re thinking about starting to play golf and haven't thought about what golf
equipment you'll need I suggest you try and pick up a single second hand club or ask
a friend if you can borrow one and make a few golf swings on field and take some golf
balls with you to try. If you like it you can invest in a half set of golf clubs,
this way if you decide that its not for you then you will be clear of having a few
hundred pounds tied up in golf equipment you're not going to use. If you decide to
carry on playing golf you can buy the other half of your set to make up a full set.

To start playing golf on a golf course you'll need the following:

Golf Bag

Golf Clubs (Woods, Irons, Putter)

Golf Tees

Golf Balls

Pitch mark Repair

Ball Marker

Golf Shoes

Golf attire matching club dress code

A typical set of golf clubs will comprise of the following:

Driver 3 Wood 5 Wood

3 to 9 Iron Pitching Wedge Sand Wedge Lob Wedge


The rules of golf allow for 14 golf clubs to be in a golf bag during the round.

Also bring along some good golf etiquette, some patience and enjoy your game
however frustrating it maybe!

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